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Straightforward, clear and easy to understand – your notification of charges

The notification of your charges provides you with all information on the services you receive, such as

  • the kind and frequency of service
  • the actual price of the relevant service
  • the amount of funding provided by the Vienna Social fund

A sample notification will help explain the individual items on your notification of charges

Barrier-free sample notification

Your notification of charges (JPG, 852 KB) gives you an outline of your contribution towards the cost of your care and provides a break-down of your charges. It also contains any credit entries that have been made to your account.

Your itemised notification (JPG, 2 MB) specifies the individual services you receive. You will see for example which services you receive how often and at which cost and which share of the cost will be paid by the Vienna Social fund.

Your account information (JPG, 912 KB) will be enclosed if there are any outstanding payments due.

If you have any questions about your contribution towards the cost of your care services, please call us at 01/24 5 24. We are available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.